Torcross, Devon, Sewage Outfall Replacement Works
Client: May Gurney
Replace missing sections of outfall, inspect, clear shingle and corrosion, reline and flush.

Torcross Flyer

Client: BP Angola
Develop and test a coating repair process to repair areas of missing coating below water.



Above Water Preparation and Painting

Above Water Preparation and Painting

Underwater Painting on FPSO

Underwater Painting

Underwater Corrosion Protection Applied on to a Nigerian FPSO

Dry Diver Habitat
Client: MoD—BAe
Develop, test and bring into service gloved habitat for the new ASTUTE Class Submarines.

Underwater Coating Repair
Client: MoD—BAe
Develop a repair process and procedure for service maintenance on the ASTUTE Class Submarines.

Luminous Magnetic Arrows
Client: MoD—BAe
Develop a Luminous magnetic arrow to be used for marking exit routes in ballast tanks and other areas.


Boxed set of Luminous Magnetic Arrows

Principal and Bridge Scour Inspections
Client: Kent County Council

Annual contract to inspect County bridges

Client:  – KIER WSP
Northampton County Council

Client: MLM Rail
Network Rail Bridge, Brockham, Surrey
Network Rail Bridge, Feltham, West London

Multi Camera Video System
Client: MoD—BAe
Hard drive an{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:2,”srcClientId”:”581cf3da-2533-4352-8202-3cac931067f9″,”srcRootClientId”:””}d network video recording system for work on the ASTUTE Class Submarines.

DNV Offshore Compliant Underwater Paint Coating Containerised System
Client: BP Angola
Air-conditioned DNV and BP Global Diving Approved containerised underwater coating repair system for use offshore.

Jetty Inspections
Client: OIKOS

Tanker berth, Jetty 1 and 2, Canvey Island

2015-07-30 14.57.25Inspection DiverP1010983

Surface and Underwater Pile Inspections with qualified inspection divers.

Client: MLM Rail
Various Quaysides and Railway Bridges

Underwater Engineering

Client: May Gurney
Install pontoon guides and pontoon, States of jersey
Remove redundant fire pumps
Assist with installation of new Emergency fire pumps
Install debris screen


Pile Repair Design and InstallationWelded and Grouted Pile Repair - 1 Bolt per bracket Detail - 3


Repair system to replace corroded steelwork at the junction between the concrete jetty and top of the pile.