Diving & ROV Surveys

HSE registered Diving Contractor

General Diving Support and ROV Surveys

RYA/MCA Qualified Work boat and Safety Boat Operators

Chartered Engineer Divers

County Bridge Principal and Scour inspections and repairs

Culverts, Piers, Jetties and Quays,  Inspections and Repairs

Outfall Installation, Inspection and Repairs with Diver or ROV

  • Damaged outfall pipes replaced
  • Old outfall pipes cleared and relined
  • Silt cleared and outfalls flushed

River and Seabed Stabilisation and Scour Repair

  • Concrete Revetments
  • Block and Frond Mattresses

Winn and Coales (Denso) Ltd  SeaShield Corrosion Protection Installation for Piles

  • Divers Trained by Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd

Seabed Environmental Sampling

Diamond Drilling Surface and Underwater

  • 5 to 150mm dia holes
  • Liebig Ultraplus Trained Divers

Trained operatives for Water Jetting to 3000 Bar

  • Hydro Demolition
  • Boiler Descaling

Torcross Flyer

ROV Outfall Survey   Deepwater cp-gun-techdata-a4   MicronNav   Video Ray PRO 4