Engineering Design

Solidworks and Auto Cad 2015 3D Drawing Package for all design project drawings and evaluation.

We have a heated dive tank which is used to test and evaluate bespoke designs, either directly for our Clients and for our own research and development projects.

Clients: BP Angola, Bae Submarine Solutions Barrow, Rolls Royce, Thales, Atlantas Marine, Oceaneering, OIKOS Storage (Thames).
(A few examples of our work below.)

  • BP Underwater Applied Paint Trials
  • Inshore Lightweight ROV Cage
  • Permanent through Wall Blank Designed for (UK Atomic Energy Authority)
  • Luminous Magnetic Escape Route Indicator, Bae Barrow (NATO Part Numbered)
  • Steel Pile and Pipeline Repairs
  • Dry Habitat Repairs Deep and Shallow Water

Beach Leveling

Underwater Coating Repairs

Procedure Design and Implementation